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Be@CyberPro Local Multiplier Event in Sofia, Bulgaria

Yesterday, on March 22, 2020, ESI CEE carried out a local multiplier event in Bulgaria. The event was organized as a virtual conference, due to the lockdown restrictions in Bulgaria, caused by the need to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

The virtual format of the event, however, facilitated the access of participants from other Bulgarian towns as well, which overall resulted in the participation of 32 participants from 3 major Bulgarian towns. The event was attended by teachers from the 125 High School “Boyan Penev” in Sofia, Bulgaria, another member of the Be@CyberPro Consortium, who participated in the short term joint staff training event in Madrid, Spain, and the teacher training in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The audience consisted mainly of teachers, representatives from academia, and relevant initiatives.

The event was focused on presenting the core Be@CyberPro project outputs, and especially, the training materials for teachers, and there was a short workshop on some selected content from Module 2, including Privacy Policies and Digital Fairplay, as well as Intellectual Property Rights.

We received a lot of encouragement from all participants to go through with the event, not cancel it due to the lockdown restrictions, and organize it online. Furthermore, we received a lot of comments saying that during a time as such, an online event helps lift the spirits and distracts from the chaos that’s currently ongoing, while still providing an opportunity for learning and professional development. We are grateful for the amazing support of all the participants in the Multiplier Event, and we are looking forward to working even harder to support our local teacher community!

The Opening of the Local Multiplier Event in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Participants still gathering.

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