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Be@CyberPro Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event in Madrid, Spain

The Be@CyberPro Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event took place in Madrid, Spain in July 2019, and was hosted by our Spanish Partners, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Colegio JOYFE, and University of Alcala. The aim of this event was to conduct the first pilot of the educational materials on cybersecurity, targeted towards teachers, and obtain the participant’s feedback and recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, with this event, we aimed at multiplying the short- and long-term effects of the project’s objective on the dissemination of professional careers in cybersecurity.

Dr. Maite Villalba de Benito kicks off Day 1 of the staff training event

More specifically, the objective of this training activity is to create a group of people who are promoters of gender equality in relation to ICT, through 2 actions:

  1. Educate young people so that in the future gender equality is a reality through classroom awareness on the part of their regular classroom activities.
  2. Awareness of adults (active in the ICT sector) to reduce inequalities in the workplace in terms of access and participation of women in the ICT professions.

To multiply the effect of the training, the participants will later participate in the multiplier events that will take place in the schools of the participating countries to provide teachers with the opportunity to share with colleagues what they have learned during the joint staff training event. Afterward, the teachers will put into practice what they have learned during the pilots that will be carried out in the classroom.

Captured moments from the Be@CyberPro Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event in UEM, Madrid, Spain
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