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“Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Teachers” Online Course in Sofia, Bulgaria

The online course for teachers took part in the period between January 28th, 2020 and February 10th, 2020 and was carried out jointly by ESI CEE and 125th Secondary School “Boyan Penev”. The pilot was conducted with overall 5 participants from the two organizations with the support and active participation of the two teachers, who took part in the short-term joint staff training event in Madrid, Spain, in July 2019.

Overall, the course was evaluated highly by all participants, who stated that the materials were professionally developed, interesting and diverse. Their feedback will be taken into consideration while revising the contents of the Bulgarian course of the Be@CyberPro project.

Generally, the feedback received resonates with the efforts of the Be@CyberPro consortium to create high-quality content to inspire and educate teachers on the topic of cybersecurity. We are happy and proud to have answered the demands and expectations of the teachers with the quality of the content developed, and we will work hard to further improve the contents and the materials of the online course aimed at teachers.

A commonly mentioned remark was that the contents of the course were at times too theoretical. With the following revisions of the material, we will aim at improving on the practicality of the contents and include more practical examples, as well as examples on how to include this material in the classroom.

During the pilot of the Bulgarian online course, teachers submitted multiple assignments, which could be further analyzed, and upon their explicit consent – disseminated among other teacher communities, to create cybersecurity resources for the Bulgarian classroom.

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