Educational Resources on Cybersecurity for Teachers

In order to raise awareness on the topic of cybersecurity as well as the career opportunities in the sector, the Be@CyberPro consortium decided to start by addressing the high school teachers first. The consortium developed an online educational system to be used by schools and to support the transfer of project results.

Through this system, at the beginning of 2020, we piloted the online course with teachers from the partnering countries, based on the curriculum we have been developing for the past year. The online course contains four modules, covering the fundamentals of cybersecurity for teachers so that they have the appropriate knowledge to teach their students on cybersecurity. In addition to training for the development of competencies related to information security, the course will contain a module on cybersecurity professions so that teachers have the knowledge necessary to motivate students. The content was developed based on the competences defined in the European digital competency frameworks (Digcomp and DigCompEdu) and was highly appreciated by the teachers, who took part in the pilot online course.