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The Be@CyberPro Erasmus+ project has ended!

Our project, dedicated to bridging the skills and gender gap in the cybersecurity sector by training and inspiring students, empowering teachers, and involving parents, has crossed the finish line.

Be@CyberPro ended on May 4th, 2021, after being extended by six months. All resources and outcomes of the project will remain available and accessible here, at the Be@CyberPro Website.

Some of the core outputs that the project partners are proud to present, are:

  • An educational platform on cybersecurity: A platform of open educational resources (OER) for training and awareness-raising for students and teachers, as well as an awareness-raising strategy and resources for families. Find out more here.
  • The Be@CyberPro videogame: An immersive multi-language experience to explore various cybersecurity professional profiles and challenges. Find out more here.
  • Two eBooks: One of them with didactical and methodological guidelines for teachers and families including best practices and associated educational material to use the Be@CyberPro videogame in the classroom. The other one is dedicated to inspiring young girls to learn more about cybersecurity and cybersecurity professions through role models. The consortium partners have already conducted interviews with amazing women from Ireland, Spain, Hungary, and Bulgaria working in cybersecurity, which are featured in the eBook as well! Find out more here.

Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain) has coordinated the project, along with all the participating partners: PROMPT-H (Hungary), Irish Computer Society (Ireland), European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe (Bulgaria), Számalk-Salesian Post-Secondary Technical School (Hungary), 125th Secondary Comprehensive School “Boyan Penev” (Bulgaria), Munster Technological University (Ireland), Colegio JOYFE (Spain), and Universidad de Alcalá (Spain).

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants, partners, and collaborators for their efforts and their trust!

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