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“Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Teachers” Online Course in Sofia, Bulgaria

The online course for teachers took part in the period between January 28th, 2020 and February 10th, 2020 and was carried out jointly by ESI CEE and 125th Secondary School “Boyan Penev”. The pilot was conducted with overall 5 participants from the two organizations with the support and active participation of the two teachers, who took part in the short-term joint staff training event in Madrid, Spain, in July 2019.

Be@CyberPro and eLeadership Trainer Accelerator Projects with a Joint Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria

Last week, ESI CEE led a Be@CyberPro Workshop within the Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event of the eLeadership Trainer Accelerator Erasmus+ Project (2018-1-BG01-KA203-047957). The workshop was based on Lesson 4 of Module 2 of the open educational resources aimed at teachers, developed under the Be@CyberPro project’s Intellectual Output 1, Educational platform about cybersecurity and careers of the Be@CyberPro project. The workshop was on Intellectual property rights, creating and sharing content and protecting personal data and was carried out on September 20th, 2019.

Be@CyberPro Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event in Madrid, Spain

The Be@CyberPro Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event took place in Madrid, Spain in July 2019, and was hosted by our Spanish Partners, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Colegio JOYFE, and University of Alcala. The aim of this event was to conduct the first pilot of the educational materials on cybersecurity, targeted towards teachers, and obtain the participant’s feedback and recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, with this event, we aimed at multiplying the short- and long-term effects of the project’s objective on the dissemination of professional careers in cybersecurity.

Be@CyberPro Presentation at the 2019 BizzIT Kyustendil Conference

Christina Todorova of ESI CEE carried out a Be@CyberPro Presentation at the 2019 BizzIT Kyustendil Conference. The topic of the presentation was “The role of cybersecurity in the process of digitalization of the classroom” and presented some of the core Be@CyberPro Intellectual Outputs. Within the presentation, Christina put a strong focus on the need for targeted efforts towards raising awareness on cybersecurity issues among teachers and providing access to educational materials for teachers.

Newsletter Issue 1 - Thumbnail

Be@CyberPro Newsletter – Issue #1

This first newsletter will give you all the information about the start of the Be@CyberPro Project, the Consortium, our goals, and aims for the project. Open this post to read more and to download the newsletter in one of the four project languages – Spanish, English, Bulgarian and Hungarian!

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